Leverage your future leadership talent to think differently and lead with impact

“The future started yesterday, and we’re already late” - John Legend

Ironically, one of the best ways to keep your top talent within your organisation, is to encourage them to think beyond it. As future leaders rise through your organisation, they need to transition from a manager mindset to that of a leader. For employers, the goal must be to foster adaptive and expansive thinking, while always giving your best talent a reason to return.

The way to do that is to create a culture where your future leaders feel that they can grow and do significant far-reaching work from within your organisation. It is also where they are adaptive, and conversationally intelligent leaders in a bold future of work that is like no other in history. An insight into the future work skills required of leaders beyond 2020 is below.

Belinda’s leadership programs are a vital tool in shifting leaders from the status quo of “this is how it’s always been done” to being strategic and significant in their impact, especially when experiencing rapid growth, uncertainty or merger/acquisition impacts. By understanding the unique DNA of you, the collective and the company, leaders can create stability in the chaos and a positive way forward.

This is done whilst working in project teams with an internal mentor, on real-life business cases for the organisation that culminates in a presentation and recommendation at the end of the program.


In an aspirational and intimate setting over 6 or 12 months, your high potentials and future leaders will develop the 3 areas to tune into, if they are to lead with impact: 


  • Leadership DNA: self-awareness and self-leadership including the ability to adapt in times of uncertainty
  • Collective DNA: the social and conversational intelligence required to motivate, leverage talent and lead others
  • Organisation (or Founder) DNA: the role your people play in leading at a group level, including commerciality, culture and context.

Together this program incorporates:

  1.  A blended approach of Executive Coaching, Mentoring, Training & self-paced online learning
  2.  Flexibility to work 100% virtually or in a hybrid setting pending your needs
  3.  The ability to connect your senior leaders with the future leaders of tomorrow in a meaningful way
  4.  Challenge your leaders to think beyond their function areas and more strategically at a group level
  5.  Connect your people globally in meaningful and practical ways.

This program has been successfully implemented globally. To find out more, contact us below.



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